History of School


History of Saroja Memorial English School

Dedication Smt Saroja Narayan

In a rapidly changing and growing world, education is not a nicety but a necessity to survive, Education plays a significant role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the country. It is associated with the personal, social, economic and cultural aspects of being human and underpins the goal of a sustainable society.

The school endeavors to help the students grow into confident, creative, emotionally balanced and professionally competent individuals by nurturing their all-round potential through an excellent education system that is dynamic and innovative to the students from all sections of the society.

Saroja Memorial English School is committed in shaping the students into skilled, self-reliant, disciplined and socially conscious citizens with a strong base. In this regard Mrs.Saroja W/o Mr.C.Narayan thought an excellent vision to serve the good education to all the communities.

Mrs.Saroja discussed her vision with husband Mr.C. Narayan to establish an educational institution without second thought Mr.C. Narayan agreed to establish the school.

To fulfill the vision of Mrs.Saroja the school which is existing now Saroja Memorial English School was established in the academic year 1991-92 in U11a1 Main Road, Bangalore-560056.

The school was established under the society name “Saroja Memorial English School” under the leadership of Mrs.Shi1pa.N.and with the set of service oriented personalities as its members

School Statement

Education for life

It is our aim to create an environment that offers our students opportunities to stimulate their intellectual curiosity. Whilst developing their confidence in decision making.

We firmly believe in emphasizing the ethical, moral, social, spiritual and intellectual dimensions of life, to lead and encourage our students to think of themselves as global citizens and to acknowledge the essential oneness of Humanity.

  • Our Motto :

    Knowledge is Power

  • Our Vision :

    To be the centre for Academic Excellence and Holistic Development.

  • Our Mission :

    To empower the children with excellent education and integrated character formation to impact the family, community and the nation.


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