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Learning A Lifelong Pursuit

When a child is born, it is its first appearance in the world. It does not learn anything when it was in its mother's womb. A child's first school is the mothers lap.It is a mother who teaches us the real meaningofthis world.We first learn to call out our mother's name. The refore mother is considered the first teacher in our life. She is the one who guides us, who teaches us the difference between good and bad. As we grow, we meet many people; we interact with them we get to learn somuch from the outside world. Each & every step in our life teache us new lessons.

‘Learning’is a process of grasping knowledge at any time orage from anything oranyone.There is no restriction on learning. Most often we come across people who believe that education and learning are limited to the time at schools and colleges. The real fact is that there is no age bar for learning. Education is the stepping stone to success and success is got when we actually learn something from it. There are failures in our life but that does not mean that we shouldn't try.There can be no better example than Thomas Edison who invented electricity which is the most important need of our life today. His inventions in the beginning proved to be a failure but still he kept up his confidence and kept on trying when finally one day he succeeded. His hope reaped fruits.This shows us that every failure taught him a lesson to tryagain and he learnt it. Learning makes a man better and better day by day. It may not give him success but it gives him the strength, the confidence to do well, to do better.

“Learning is a never ending process”. It is rightly said that there is no end to learning. It cannot be stopped or chained by superstitious beliefs. It only keeps moving in a cycle from our ancestors to us and from us to our future generation.

Even a minute particle of dust teaches us a lesson. The great Amir Jaimur when he hid in a cave fearing defeat in battle learnt from a small ant, that be it any situation, never give up hope. The ant was a source o fknowledge to him through which he could win the battle.This shows that an ant which is so small before man can also be a source of knowledge.

“The flow of knowledge is everywhere, it depends on how we grasp it. Observation plays a keen role in the development of knowledge. Knowledge is something which cannot be stolen from us even after death. Sharing knowl- edge with others also becomes a source of gaining more knowledge and learning more. Knowledge is priceless. Learning costs nothing. It cannot be seized from us. It is we, whom us tknow the realvalue, the real definition of learning and make the maximum use of the sources available.

The future of the worlddepends onus.Itis we, who must teach our future generation tomake themaximum, thebestuse of their knowledge.They must learn not tomiss even a single chanceof learning from anyone or anythingatanypointoftime.Oursurroundings,ourfriends,ourrelatives,ourenemies tooareasourceofknovvl edge.Learningistruly anever endingprocess andthewhole worldisasource ofknowledge.


Secretary, SMES


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