Head Mistress & Manager

saroja memorial school head mistress

          Mrs . Uma Shekar    NTT , MA , B.Ed.


Our honorable Head Mistress , the motherly mentor and the senior most teacher in this institution , She has a Master degree in English and a Bachelor Degree Education , She also has a special training (NTT) in handling the nursery children , She has an experience of 26 years in education and academics .

" If innovation and novel ideals are a key to a bright feture , then we can surely remain ssured of our place under pedagogic sun . We put forward a distinctive blend of offerings in the area of knowledge and enterprise in the form of encouraging students to take part in various events . "


Our honorable Manager , Mr Ravi (Anand Babu) has been serving this institution since 18 years, He has been monitoring the functions and facilities of the school , His constant support to the school has empowered in improvement of the overall development of the school. .

" A happy beginig , a good continuation and no end , an endless progression . "

The serene and vbrant ambiance of the campus is guiding and shaping noble young minds and souls of the future India . We aspire for preserve and endless progression as we have made a good beginning and continuing with it very well .

saroja memorial school manager

          Mr . Anand Babu . P (Ravi)   B.Sc