Founder Chairman

saroja memorial school founder

          Mr. C . Narayan    B.E , M.A, MEd


Being a Civil Engineer, To fulfill his spouse dreams and his promise given to her, the idea of starting a school was seeded in the year 1991 .

" The manifold achievements reverberate humbly through the vehement reflections of the faculty and students . "

The school strives towards empowerment of children to brave the multifarious challenges in the society and to find fulfillments in education , empowerment , productive citizenship and lifelong learning by providing a positive and nurturing environment grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity and professional integrity . To facilitate the students in complex amity , is the industrious faculty who play a pivotal role in enhancing their self-efficiency by assuming diverse role as teacher , moderator , mentor and so forthwith an expanse of novelty aiding the students to crave a niche for themselves.

Our curriculum is broad and exciting; lessons and activities are cross-curricular to provide plenty of stimulating experiences to interest children and motivate them to learn. Because we believe in the importance of bringing learning alive, we give our children lots of opportunities to go out of school on trips related to their topics and we have frequent workshops and visitors coming to school. We also have excellent facilities for academics and sports. Prospective parents who would like to visit the school before applying for a place for their child are warmly welcomed.