Our school provides a safe and comfortable transport facilities . The vans have GPS which helps the office administration to monitor the route and actual position of the van .

Playground / Play - Pen

The school has a big playground for higher classes and an attractive play - pen for the tiny toys .

CC - Camera

The schools , its entrance and corridors are under CC - Camera surveillance for the security and safety of the staff and children . Each classroom is also under CC - Camera surveillance to monitor the discipline of the students .


The school is equipped with an innovation laboratory for physics , chemistry , biology , geography and computer science .


The schools , has a huge library which has comics , story books , autobiographic , encyclopedia , fictions , books related to all subjects , daily newspaper and educational magazines .

Audio Visual Room

The schools encourages 3D audio visual learning for the subjects such as physics , chemistry , biology , history , geography and mathematics .

Students even design power point presentations regarding their projects and present it to the class . This encourages self learning .